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Paddle Craft Record Attempt to Fill Peterborough Lock on June 24

Published By: Jonathan Lee

The second Lock’n Paddle event returns to Ontario’s Peterborough Lift Lock National Historic Site of Canada on Saturday, June 24. This year, in celebration of Canada 150 and National Canoe Day, Parks Canada in partnership with The Canadian Canoe Museum and The Land Canadian Adventures will demonstrate how many paddle craft can fit into the famous lift.

With Canada 150 celebrations in mind, the goal will be to fit 150 paddle craft into each of the two lock chambers, for a total of 300 paddle craft. This will surpass last year’s record of 138 paddle craft and is meant to promote recreational paddling for individuals, groups, families, clubs and communities.

At 1:00 pm on June 24, the lockage will begin. Once the lock chambers are at an equal elevation, the lockmaster will halt the lockage and participants and visitors will be invited to raise their paddles and sing both O Canada and Happy Birthday in celebration of 150 years of Confederation.